The Sam Milby Diet

Eating healthy is important in Sam Milby's diet.

This September, Sam Milby is gracing the Men’s Health cover for the third time. “It’s nothing new,” he humbly says, “but at the same time, it is still a privilege. It’s a huge privilege. It’s not something that everyone gets to do.”

He recalls the two other times he shot for the magazine. “The first time, may pagka lifestyle yung ginawa naming. The second one was about my favorite sport, motocross. This time it’s about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

When asked what he did to prepare for the shoot, he laughs and says, “I wish I can lie and say I prepared but I didn’t.” He admits that he was more prepared the last time. “It seems that as I’m getting older, I’m getting lazier [to work out] but I’m more strict with my diet now,” he explains. For now, Sam Milby sticks to doing a few pushups and situps before hitting the shower in the morning.

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He admits, though, that he wasn’t this healthy before. “I used to be a heavy smoker. I used to smoke over a pack a day.” He recalls his first real job at a fast food chain in the states which he did for an entire summer. “Tumaba ako ng 25 pounds,” he says. But ever since he entered the showbiz industry, he became more conscious of his health. 

Now, his diet no longer consists of pork. “I haven’t had pork in six years. I eat a lot of beef. And chicken and fish, of course. I don’t eat much pasta, bihira lang,” he says. There’s no such thing as cheat days for Sam. “If I feel like having ice cream, then I’ll have ice cream. For me, I have my own diet that I follow and just eat everything in moderation.”

Photo courtesy of Men's Health.


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