Tips for cherry lips like girl group

[by Beauty team / translated by Kang Jung yeon / photo by Lee Hyun mu] In Aisa, there are three red factors to be beauty. Those three are lips, nails, and cheek.

In western culture, there is saying, beauty has three red, three white and three volumes. Red cherry lips is important everywhere and every culture 

Celebrities always show fancy styling and face. They keep their lips moist and voluminous.

However, lips are the most vulnerable part in our body because there is no pore or sweat. Lip is sensitive.

To have a beautiful lips, delicate care and consistent care is needed. There is three special lip care step.

1 step, shield with lip balm

First step for lip care is keeping the lip care. Dryness is the enemy of lips not just to skin. Shield with lip balm to keep the moist is important. Lip balm makes rough lips smooth and moist.

Before applying a lip balm, exfoliate the lips with steamed towel is good. Doing it with hands and biting it with teeth accelerate the aging of lips.

Exfoliate the lips with steamed towel carefully than apply moisturizing and nurturing with lip balm. 
Shea butter and Mango seed butter keeps the moist.

Beauty industry is releasing multi-balm that can be used on face, heels, nails, and other part of body. OHMU art volume kissing lip balm by Mizon is also a multi balm. Using this lip balm during the makeup helps to express shimmering face. 

2 step, lip essence to protect from sun ray

When lip is exposed to sun ray it can be damaged just like skin is. Long hours of sun ray expose can also accelerate the aging of lips.

As people age, lips starts to wrinkle, and it cause lipstick to crease in wrinkles and cause darkening. For this reason, is expecting a sun expose more than 20 minutes, use lip essence to protect lips.

Applying Lip essence time to time is good. Choosing a product that has sun protect function is a good choice. The product containing collagen and moisture makes the lips voluminous.

Collagenic Aqua Volume Lip Essence by Mizon doesn’t contain any Ethylparaben or coloring, so it minimizes the irritation on lips. It also protects lips from sun ray.

3 step, complete lip makeup with glossy lipstick

If made a lips moist with lip balm and lip essence, complete the lip makeup with glossy lipstick.

In fall and winter, people do smoky makeup and match it with matte nude color lipstick. However, lips gets dry a lot and lipstick doesn’t go well.

Oh Shy Sweet Kissing Lipstick 2 kits, a product by Mizon, comes in three different colors; Nude pink, nude coral, nude beige. It is glossy type lipstick and it come in colors that goes well with semi-smoky. 

Hold the Lip Beauty title by doing 3 special steps for lips.

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