‘Tower' Son Ye Jin talks about troubles she had during shooting

Son Ye Jin told about difficulties she had to go through while shooting 'Tower'.

On 27th, press conference of movie 'Tower' was held at CGV Apgujeong branch, and Son Ye Jin, Sul Kyung Gu,Kim Sang Kyung, and director Kim Ji Hoon attended.

Son Ye Jin said, "We once had a major shooting, but everyone looked so tired. We were all exhausted, but there were so many important shootings to do."

She continued, "Everyone's eyes had no focus, and I was afraid that everyone might have side effects later on. The weather was really cold, and I had to dive into water, holding a heavy piece of metal."

She also said, "Kim Sang Kyung had a bottle of whiskey before shooting, but I couldn't do it because my face gets red when I'm drunk. Everyone had a great experience. Everyone seemed to have had things to say to the director, but they didn't look at the director while shooting. I felt like things will get even harder if I look at his face."

On the other hand, the movie will be released in December.

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