[by Kang Jung yeon] SBS recent drama King of Ambition talks about a girl who wants to be a first lady to get out of poor life, and a guy who sacrificed everything for her. It talks about man’s love and betray, and ambition.

Member of TVXQ U-know stood in front of a camera as an actor. In the drama, he is acting as a son of enterprise. The fashion of his is drawing attention.

On second episode, he showed open minded ice hockey player looking sporty and casual. He wore roll up jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, and padding jacket. He also showed formal luxurious look with suits and coat. 

Starting from episode 3, the character of U-know felt in love with the main character. To express his feeling of love and softness, he is wearing soft color knitwear and matching it with jean.

Meanwhile, SBS drama King of Ambition is on air every 9:55 on Monday and Tuesday. (photo captured from SBS drama King of Ambition)

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