Vitamin drink models are the hottest commercial icons

[by Lee Seul ki / translated by Joy Kim] Hundreds of commercials are aired through televisions and people are worried about their violence and sexual images. However, when it comes to healthy drinks, it is a different story. They say they are Good Drinks and they emphasize about their effects and ingredients. There is no need to blind the viewer’s eyes. 

Healthy drinks or vitamin drinks normally use idol stars as their model. The reason is to emphasize the fresh, pure and healthy images of the products. The concept of the commercial is also less contriving. 

Idol stars also have no reason to refuse such commercials. Even if they do not carry fresh images, the commercial will allow them to appeal to the public with healthy and good images. . 

▶ Vitamin drinks are covered in celebrities’ faces? 

The reason why vitamin drinks became the measurement of popularity is because models’ faces are also printed at the cover of the drink. When Girls Generation became the model of a vitamin drink, fans’ reactions were surprising. They begin to collect the product of each member’s faces and most popular members’ product was sold out instantly. 

Recently, K-pop boy band Beast was appointed as the model of V2O. The brand shows even more upgraded star marketing. For the each flavor, four different images of Beast members are printed. Since there are pomegranate, orange, blueberry, lemon flavors- there are 24 different bottles for the product. Each of 24 images was selected by the fans from the official blog of the product.

Some might think what can a face make difference but for fans, it becomes something meaningful. It’s not just a product modeled by their favorite stars but also new images are printed to the product which makes them to buy. Also it gives them to feel like they are supporting their stars to become commercial stars as well. 

▶ Commercials are for female models? No way! 

Originally, vitamin drinks commercial were regarded for female models for their fresh images. For example, Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, Moon Geun young, and Gianna Jun have experience of healthy drink commercials. 

Now thinks are changed and male models are often shooting commercials for healthy drinks. G.Dragon and Beast is at the lead of male models. In case of idol stars, they emphasize their trendiness and make the product to look as their signature item. 

According to V2O, Beast is their first brand model. And also they chose Beast for their unique image, which matched with the brand’s image. One of the interesting character of the product is V2O looks clear water before it is opened but changes its color and taste when the bottle is opened. Smart cap is inside of the top and when it’s twisted, it will pour the contents to the water. 

Vitamin drinks are always looking for fresh and different models for their products. Because they have to draw people’s attention in short period of time, they are keen to use good models. So, it is possible to say vitamin drink’s models are all trendy. (photo by Glaceau, Vita500, V2O, Cube Entertainment website, YG Entertainment website) 

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