Whitening head to toe, whitening secret of celebrities

[by Choi Mi sun / translated by Kang Jung yeon]  Attractive people have halo effect on. Every woman wants to have bright shining skin without any makeup. However, there is no way to prevent darkening of skin after in one\'s late 20s.

The most and first important thing is self care. Specially, using effective whitening products is needed. Which product is needed to whiten body?

Face whitening, for halo effect

V7 eye serum, a product of Dr.Jart+, brightens up around eyes. It is a gel type product which skin absorb easily. This product has been proved its whitening effect with AA2G which is stronger and powerful than Vitamin C.

AC Clear Moisture Pure N Cream, a product of Young Shop Story, makes skin clearer and brighter. This moisturizes cream keeps skin moisturized and clear. With Vitamin B3 and Arbuti, it gives skin vitality and brightness.

Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop Cream, a product of Elishacoy, moisturizes skin with their special emulsion method. It can be used as essence or moisturizer depends on skin type.

Clear and bright up the Body

Extra White Body Lotion, a product of Nivea, enhanced its moisturizing effect with hydra IQ formula. With vitamin and berry extract, it makes skin look healthy and easy to absorb.

Natural 24 Whitening Body Essence, a product of Happy Bath, makes skin smooth and looks vital. It controls melanin of the body.
Sympathy for the Skin, a product of LUSH, moisturize skin and make skin shimmering. It contains vanilla, almond, Sandalwood Oil, Lemon Oil and etc.

Essential for bright smile, bright teeth

If want to rid of bad breath, prevent cavity, and give whitening effect on teeth, whitening tooth paste is a smart choice.

Dio bubble tooth paste contains Hap which make tooth white even the part where tooth brush can’t reach.

BlancSecret Celebrity, a product of Claires, has significant whitening effect. It makes the surface of the teeth smooth and bright it up. This tooth paste contains 12 ingredients for whitening.

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