Won Bin models for Biotherm Homme

Male cosmetics brand Biotherm Homme has cast actor Won Bin to be its new spokesmodel.

The company made the announcement on December 17 with Won Bin set to begin his duties in January.

The brand, which targets males in their 20s and 30s, cited Won Bin’s mass appeal to both women and men as one of its influential decisions to cast the actor and also cited a survey which found the actor most popular among male college student.

The initial preview print ad showed a black and white close-up of a shirtless Won Bin.

On his new modeling duties, Won Bin shared, “Biotherm Homme is a brand I have been using for a while now and I’m very glad to be its new model.”

Regarding Won Bin, the cosmetics brand manager, Lee Soo Young said, “Won Bin possesses both charisma and a soft and sensitive side as well making him appealing to both men and women. His luxurious image is a great fit for Biotherm Homme and his attention and care for his own self provides trust for consumers. All of these fit well with the masculine feel we were striving for, leading to his casting as our model.”

Won Bin will join Gong Hyo Jin who serves as the woman model for Biotherm.

Photo Credit: Biotherm

Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)
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