Yang Hyun Seok's total stock value exceeded 3 trillion KRW

The total value of Yang Hyun Seok's stocks exceeded 3 trillion KRW.

Recently, the total value of the stocks of YG Entertainment's president Yang Hyun Seok exceeded 3 trillion KRW.

Yang Hyun Seok currently holds 35.7% of YG Entertainment stocks, and the total value is currently ranging around 3.2 trillion KRW, which is 50 billion KRW more than that of SM Entertainment's president Lee Soo Man.

Netizens who heard the news left comments, such as "That is amazing", "I envy him so much", "Yang Hyun Seok should treat PSY", and "Yang Hyun Seok is dominating because of PSY."

On the other hand, PSY appeared on NBC 'Today Show' on May 3rd.

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