Yang Yae seung says models go to hot places for shopping

[by Choi Hye Min / translated by Joy Kim] Former Miss Intercontinental and currently a
 Model, Yang Yae seung revealed her shopping place. 

She visited Hyundai department store in Apgujeong, also known as Apgujeong main store. She caught people’s eyes everywhere she went. With her golden ratio and perfect body line, everyone had to stop and look at her. From the interview, she revealed her shopping secrets. 

“Because I work in a model business I get interested at interior items small antiques. So usually go to department stores where I can compare various items from various brand.” She answered with a smile. 

She was wearing a mini black dress with unique flower details on her shoulder. Also she matched it with walker boots with fur details. She looked lively and feminine. For accessories, she was holding a black bag and a white watch which was same color as her mini dress. For her makeup, she looked fascinating with wine color lips. 

“I always look for trendy item because I am a model. So I go to places where I can get good items or see them.” 

Meanwhile she took her photo in front of the main gate of Hyundai department store located at Apgujeong. This place famous for photo spot because it is known for its feng sui spot. According to feng suit, it’s lucky place where you can get energy to become rich or healthy. (photo by Hyundai department store) 

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