Yoon Eun hye’s new makeup and hairdo for summer

[by Cho Suyoun] Cosmetic brand MAC’s muse Yoon Eun hye showed different styles of makeup and hair through beauty pictorials.

Actress Yoon Eun hye is Korea’s leading beauty icon and her makeup style is always causing a big sensation among women in 20s ~ 30s. She is currently the face of makeup brand MAC and shot some summer beauty pictorials in which she looks very different from her previous style.

In this pictorial, Yoon left her pure and girlish look behind and tried something more unique. She put on colorful makeup that especially emphasizes cat eyes and changed her long wave hair to short cut like a boyish girl. 

Through the pictorials, Yoon Eun hye suggests new makeup style for upcoming summer. She suggests bright color eye line rather than boring black eye line that has been worn by most women in all seasons. In addition, she suggests using purple pearl-based eye liner to add more mysterious charms or using green color eye liner to complete a fresh makeup like the color of Emerald Ocean.

As this year’s trend has been ‘vivid lip makeup,’ MAC expects that vivid eye makeup will continue the trend this summer. In addition, it is known that Yoon Eun hye herself suggested a boyish short cut hair style to show fresh mood in this pictorial. Full summer makeup photo cuts of Yoon Eun hye will be printed in July edition of the brand’s magazine. (photo by MAC)

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