Yoon Eun hye, So E hyun inspires 2013 spring makeup

[by Kim Hee Oak / translated by Joy Kim] Even after the end of the TV series, actress Yoon Eun hye and So E hyun’s makeup is still and issue among people. 

In the series, both of the actress played fashion designer and mistress in Chungdamdong. In Korea they represent fashion icons. Their styles and look could’ve have influenced women who wishes to be trendy and stylish. 

The series was finished on 17th of January but their style became a hit and lead to 2013 S/S makeup trend. 

Sheer, glossy skin makeup 

To have moisturized, glossy face it is important to give nutrients to skin from the skin care process. Use facial oil products with high-nutrients and moisturizing effect to make balanced skin.  

Then use a face glow to make soft glow to make natural volume to the face. It is okay to apply on the foundation and after applying the primer or even mixing with the foundation. It will give bright and beautiful skin. 
When choosing a face glow, choose a product which matches the skin tone. Use a sponge to give a soft glow. To add glam, use a brush to apply face glow. 

Cheek & Lip

One of the reasons why their makeup was so popular was their lip color. They applied neon-pink lipsticks which lead to sold out. 

They used pink lipstick on nude and natural looking skin makeup. Also they applied light color for the cheeks. 

Fashion and cosmetic brand Style Nanda’s 3ConceptEyes #402 was also very popular and experienced sold out at their offline store. Could not get the pink lipstick? Lip crayons can replace lipstick. Lip crayons can give clean finish without using a lip brush. 

It is important to have smooth and sleek lips. Drop some oil on wet tissue and remove the dead skin cells on lips. 

Also use a concealer to cover the lip before applying the lipstick to have more vivid color. (photo captured from MBC I Miss You SBS Chungdamdong Alice, Stylenanda) 

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