Yoon Si Yoon explains about why he glanced at Park Shin Hye

Yoon Si Yoon explained about glancing at Park Shin Hye.

On 18th, Yoon Si Yoon appeared on SBS 'Strong Heart' with Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Ki Yong, Park Eun Ji, Go Kyung Pyo, Yang Jin Seok, Mir, Hae Geum, and Kim Ji Sook.

During the show, Boom and Kim Ji Hoon came up with a photo of Yoon Si Yoon glancing at Park Shin Hye, who is wearing a red dress that exposed parts of her breast.

Then, MC Shin Dong Yeop said, "I felt a mysterious intimacy when I first saw him for some reason."

Yoon Si Yoon said, "Shin Hye was stepping on her own dress, and I was looking at her legs."

Then, MCs started focusing on the word 'legs'. Yoon Si Yoon said, "I was looking at her feet. Shin Hye will explain everything for me."

Park Shin Hye said, "Bottom part of my dress was ripped a bit, and my heels got stuck there. He is really looking at my feet."

On the other hand, Yoon Si Yoon talked about a funny episode that he had when he was in China.

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