Yoona’s Actual Child Photos Used in ‘Love Rain’

A sudden appearance of SNSD’s Yoona’s child photos used in a recent Love Rain scene is exciting Yoona fans.

On the May 28 broadcast of KBS’ Love Rain, Yoona’s actual childhood photos made a brief appearance in a scene.

In the episode, Kim Yoon Hee (Lee Mi Sook), before her major eye surgery, took out a child photo album of her daughter, Jung Ha Na (Yoona)’s.

She then said to herself as she looked through the pictures, “I need to remember all this… There’s so much I want to see.”

The camera then gave viewers a glimpse at a number of real childhood photos of Yoona in her various stages of childhood reflecting Yoona’s natural beauty even from her youth.

The final episode of Love Rain will air on May 22.

Photo credit: KBS

Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)
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