Zo In sung, key to soft and vital skin of homme fatal

[by Kang Jung yeon] Koreanactor Zo In sung is shaking women’s heart in SBS drama That winter, Wind Blows.

In the drama, just like if he is trying to him as fashionista, he is showing neat fashion and flawless skin on every episode.

Every time two main character Zo In sung and Song Hye-kyo are together, their face gets closed up. He shows off his flawless skin every time he gets closed up.

To emphasize the homme fatal image of Zo In sung’s character, it is essential to show soft and vital skin. 

HERA HOMME said, “Zo In Sung apply tonner to keep skin on its best condition after continuous outside filming and studio spot light”. They added that “He also apply the stronger sunblock.”

Meanwhile, The tonner Zo In Sung is using is Cell Vitalizing Essence In Skin, a product of HERA HOMME. (photo by captured from SBS drama That winter, Wind Blows)

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