Naul Says New Song is Not about His Breakup with Han Hye Jin

With new romance sparking between Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng, the spotlight has been also directed into Brown Eyed Soul Naul’s direction, especially with his newly released song.

On March 22, Younha released It’s Not That, which was composed and written by Naul.

The song is about the difficulties of getting over a breakup and the desperate cries for the past lover to return.

It’s Not That has been attracting much attention with Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng admitting their blossoming relationship, making netizens wonder if Naul has not yet gotten over his and Han Hye Jin’s relationship.

Naul’s agency has stepped forward and said the song has nothing to do with his breakup and was created a year ago.

In the meanwhile, It’s Not That has jumped up in music charts, placing within the top five spots of various music sites.

Naul and Han Hye Jin broke up after nine years. They formally announced their breakup in December of 2012.

Photo Credit: Santa Music, Namoo Actors

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